What I’m All About

Hi guys, I’m Vanessa Casas.

I’m just a normal mama who loves to take pictures and bake. Well almost normal because this mama has anxiety disorder. I’ve had it almost all my life.

The reason why I want to start writing is to help myself and others understand what anxiety is all about. It’s also really hard for me to admit or to tell people about my anxiety. So this might be new news to many of my friends and family, yet maybe most of you have always been able to tell that I have anxiety but we have never really talked about it. Well this is my moment to start.

I want to be able to talk about my anxiety and my mental health without feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or like I am less than others. Through my anxiety I am still a smart, creative, loving young Mom who wants what is best for her family.

image-1I mean, I’M ONLY 25, and like any other mom or 25 year old I am still figuring life out! AND I’m a 25 year old mom trying to figure out life with anxiety so be nice.


My goal for this blog is to research as much as I can about anxiety and share it with you guys. I will also be sharing my personal experiences with anxiety, as a mom, as a wife, and a person living in this world.

Anxiety takes up a lot of my mind, and a lot of my life, but it is NOT who I am. I am more than my anxiety and I have been able to see that now that I understand a little bit more about it.

In this blog I will share with you when I first realized I had anxiety, and what I am doing now to control it. That doesn’t mean that I am fully in control of it now, because I could be feeling amazing for weeks and then I could have a really bad day. It is a constant battle but I am learning how to control it as life brings me new challenges and adventures.

Because us moms need to support each other, I encourage all of you to be positive and opened minded as we talk about our own experiences, anxieties, our choices between medication & natural remedies, and ourselves. IT IS OKAY to take medication, IT IS OKAY if you decide to use natural remedies and IT IS OKAY to do things in your own way. Whatever each person feels about what works for them the best, IS the best for them!

I really hope you guys follow me in this crazy, anxiously beautiful Journey.


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