It’s the little things you do—Easy Solutions to relieve Anxiety


Everything is going amazing, and my life has been feeling better, things at work are amazing, things at school are manageable and I couldn’t be more in love with my husband and my son. Yet, there are times when my mind takes over my life and millions of thoughts begin to spin uncontrollably in my head. I begin to overthink every little step, and begin to worry about everyone around me including everyone’s thoughts of me.

This is when I begin to feel my anxiety coming in slowly like a storm, as it starts out with a little fog, then some rain and it somehow escalates into a hurricane.

I have been here many times—where I feel like I’m about to freak out and I just have to run into the bathroom where I feel like I could breath a little better.


When I’m feeling myself getting bad, I have two choices:

Get Worse


Do something about it.


While the choice seems apparent, for anyone that has anxiety, lets be honest, sometimes pausing in life and not doing anything is the easiest option. That’s only because in our mind, to do anything else is like trying to swim to the top of the water to catch a breath and once you are about to reach the top, something keeps pulling you down and as you gasp for air, your lungs overflow with water, making it impossible to breathe.


Trying is hard—at least that’s what your anxiety makes you believe!

But if you actually begin to question that little feeling inside that keeps telling you that you can’t, things begin to seem possible.


Even though your body and mind keep telling you to lie back down and do nothing, DON’T. When you are feeling like you are about to Freak out or get bad again, here are a few things you can do to slap yourself out of it and beat your anxiety!


Easy Solutions for Anxiety that have worked for me:


Take control of your mind

First of all, you have to find the strength in yourself to tell yourself that you are not going to sit around and do nothing, and make a plan to consistently follow every week. Don’t over think it, just sit down and write down a few things that you have to do every single day. Make copies of it and have it in places you look everyday. This way you have a set routine that will make your day run smoothly.


Drink Water

Let me tell you guys that Water is the Best! I had many moms recommend drinking more water and it has worked so much for me.

Two glasses of water every morning has given me energy, which is huge because anxiety is so draining. It’s the best thing to get you up and moving in the morning. Drinking water during the day has also helped me feel more focused and relaxed, which means that I’m not shaking during the day as much, which is amazing,




When I workout I focus more on the stretch that each exercise makes me feel, over anything else. Exercising really clears my mind, and it always has, but there are times when there is no time for exercising and it becomes something that is rare. I have come to learn that it is better to prioritize things that are good for your mind and body so that it becomes easier to do every other responsibility.

Stretching is the first thing I do every morning, so that my body doesn’t feel so stiff and tight.


Here are a few easy yoga stretches to get your day going:


Shoulder stretches



Standing Forward Bend



Child’s Pose



Cat Cow Pose



Corpse pose


And basically just doing any yoga stretch. The point of these exercises is to become more aware of your body and to release tension in your muscles.



As breathing begins to feel a little harder, the first thing you should do is a breathing exercise. Really, even doing breathing exercises from time to time helps you clear your mind. When you exercise or stretch you should be focusing on your breathing. Everything should always be focused on your breathing, and it will be a lot easier to do just that. Trust me.


Here is the Breathing Exercises that gets me through the day:


Square breathing:

  1.  Breath in through your nose for four seconds.
  2. Hold your breath for four seconds
  3. Breathe out for four seconds
  4. Hold your breath for four seconds

Repeat until you feel better.


Be around people who make you the happiest

There are an infinite amount of other options that are easier to do everyday; for example, it’s easier to stare out into space for hours and get lost in your mind, it is easier to binge on Netflix for 24 hours. It’s easier to close yourself off from the world, but why would you want to be so stuck?

Make yourself talk to someone, or text someone. Don’t talk about your Anxiety the whole time, but go out and actually have a normal conversation with someone you could relax with. Go have some delicious food that will make you feel happy and go to the places that boost your energy. Explore the City you live in.


Or stay home, but invite someone over that could somehow make you feel more human, Just be around people you LOVE because that is the best you can do for yourself.


Lastly, maintaining a healthy diet, having a routine, setting a good environment around your house that make you feel a good energy, having plants in your house, and taking vitamins are also good options!


Just remember, taking it one step at a time is the best thing to do.




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