It’s the little things you do—Easy Solutions to relieve Anxiety

Everything is going amazing, and my life has been feeling better, things at work are amazing, things at school are manageable and I couldn’t be more in love with my husband and my son. Yet, there are times when my mind takes over my life and millions of thoughts begin to spin uncontrollably in my … Continue reading It’s the little things you do—Easy Solutions to relieve Anxiety

Love, a Shy Mama

Even though I have only known to call the thing that has always set me apart from this world as ANXIETY for about three years now, I remember feeling the overcasting shadow of fear creeping over my life, easing its way into my mind. Anxiety planted its seeds deep in my mind only to find … Continue reading Love, a Shy Mama

(Shitty First Blog)—by an anxious mama

  As I sat down for the millionth time to write my first blog post, I began to feel my chest caving in from the unimaginable yet invisible weight of my anxiety. My anxiety disorder began to act up—again. As I found myself about to close my computer and remiss back into a fetal position … Continue reading (Shitty First Blog)—by an anxious mama

What I’m All About

Hi guys, I’m Vanessa Casas. I’m just a normal mama who loves to take pictures and bake. Well almost normal because this mama has anxiety disorder. I’ve had it almost all my life. The reason why I want to start writing is to help myself and others understand what anxiety is all about. It’s also … Continue reading What I’m All About